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Ernesto Rangel, located in New York, NY, is a global entrepreneur with 28 years of experience in the financial area. He has held leadership positions at iconic institutions such as Citibank, Morgan Stanley and Bear Stearns. He is now one of the partners of Lifeinvest Wealth Management, an investment advisory company that does broad operations out of the United States. Ernesto Rangel is also a member of Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO), a global platform for chief executives.

In addition, Mr. Rangel is the Co-founder of Guataca, a music platform that aims to spread the talent of Venezuelan emerging musicians, helping them bring their projects and initiatives to global audiences. Musicians under Guataca have created traditional and experimental works, performed at hundreds of festivals or events, and earned Grammy nominations and awards and Pepsi Music Awards. Most importantly, they have gotten the chance to share their music with audiences around the world, finding common ground amidst different cultures.

Ernesto Rangel has a longstanding passion for driving cultural and economic prosperity in Venezuela. He is a member of Caracas Chamber of Commerce and is Director of Cultura Chacao, an entity that is responsible for the most important cultural activities in Caracas. He also directed the music festival Caracas en Contratiempo. Ernesto is the Co-Founder of Universidad Metropolitana Scholarship In Venezuela, which has grown from assisting 25 students up to 500 students currently.

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Ernesto Rangel is passionate about education as well. He pursued his Master’s studies in Chinese Studies at Universidad Altos Estudios, his Master’s Degree in International Affairs at Columbia University, and his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration (finance and banking) at Universidad Metropolitana Caracas. He currently sits on the advisory board of Columbia University’s Institute of Latin American Studies. Mr. Rangel is also one of the founders of the Greater Caribbean Studies Center at Columbia University.

Ernesto Rangel frequently manages conferences and other professional events on behalf of Lifeinvest. He has also participated in intellectual discussions with influential figures such as musician, activist, actor, and politician Rubén Blades, and has been recognized by outlets such as the Washington Times, El Nuevo Herald, Analitica, Spectrum Noticias NY1, and more.

Keep up with this blog for Ernesto Rangel’s insights into finance, leadership, and business management, as well as his interests in sports. For more, check out his blog dedicated to Guataca.

In addition to his professional career, Mr. Rangel enjoys marathon running. He has run the New York Marathon numerous times and worked as an editor of the book “With the soul in your feet” (Con el alma en los pies). This is a photography book with interviews with the most influential runners of Venezuela.