Ernesto Rangel

Ernesto Rangel

Global Entrepreneur
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About Ernesto
Brickell Miami

Ernesto is a highly experienced finance professional with over 35 years of expertise in the field. Having worked for renowned institutions such as Bear Stearns and Morgan Stanley in New York, as well as Citibank and Banco Caracas in Venezuela, Ernesto possesses a wealth of knowledge in the finance industry.

During his time in Venezuela, Ernesto held prominent roles as a partner in Econoinvest, the largest broker dealer in the country, and as a partner in Seguros Carabobo, the fifth-largest insurance company. His leadership and strategic vision contributed significantly to the success and growth of these institutions.

In addition, Ernesto completed a Master’s degree in International Finance at Columbia University, further enhancing his understanding of global financial markets and strategies.

Furthermore, he was a partner at Lifeinvest Asset Management, a broker dealer based in Panama, where he successfully managed investment portfolios and assets.

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Ernesto’s commitment to education and philanthropy is exemplified by his role as a founder of the scholarship program at Universidad Metropolitana. Through this program, thousands of students with economic hardships and exceptional academic skills have been awarded scholarships, enabling them to pursue their education and reach their full potential.

In 2019, Ernesto made the strategic decision to relocate to Miami, where he currently serves as a partner at Lifeinvest Wealth Management. In his role, he oversees 400 million dollars in assets under management, guiding clients towards achieving their financial goals and securing their futures.

Alongside his finance career and philanthropic endeavors, Ernesto is also the founder of the GuatacaNights Foundation, a non-profit organization that promotes emerging musicians. Through the foundation, Ernesto has produced albums that have been honored with Grammy awards, showcasing his dedication to supporting and fostering talent within the music industry. The Latest Album of the foundation “Brookly- Cumana” was included in a NPR tiny desk program.